Forager Finds: Summer Harvest Help

As the summer heat rapidly approaches, farmers markets begin to pop up at every turn. Now is the perfect time to make a plan and take advantage of some of Mother Nature’s special treasures.


For those that lived off the land hundreds of years ago, spring and early summer were times characteristically marked by food, happiness and preparation. Not only were our ancestors preparing the fields for crops, but they were also planning how they would make the food they grew last. While animals and dairy could be continually harvested throughout the year, sweet summer fruits posed a predicament with a distinctively short season.

Enter: the harvest calendar. Looking at a seasonal growing chart can help tremendously when devising a plan of action. Buying fruit at its peak season, for example, is the key to making the absolute best jams and jellies. For drying vegetables, remember that peppers are best to string when they are at their ripest. And when tomato season reaches its crescendo in August, it’s time to think about making fresh marinara and salsa.

You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.

Another method of preservation is pickling. By learning the ins and outs of jarring and preparing brines, you’ll be able to make your summer veggies last all year long!


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