Forager Finds: Winter Holiday Wish

The days are shorter, the nights are colder and the snow will start to fall any day now. As the food at the farms begins to wane, so to do the resources of those less fortunate. For many of us, the holidays mark a time when our spending increases to show our loved ones how much they mean to us. In this season of giving let us not forget those that lack the means to bring joy through giving. It’s a time to be mindful and grateful for all that we have, and all that we have to give.

May the light of love be shining deep within your spirit, may the torch of mercy clear the path and show the way. May the horn of plenty sound so everyone can hear it, may the light of love be with you everyday.


hroughout the year, food banks, soup kitchens and shelters strive to help those in need. Their charitable efforts work to provide for those whose unforeseen circumstances keep them apart from the joy of the holidays, and whose needs are never more than at this time of year.

As we begin to celebrate the season of light and happiness, these charitable organization’s call upon the members of their communities for a helping hand as they open their doors to families and neighbors in need. This is the time to find the compassion in our souls, and the love in our hearts; this is the time to do all that we can to make it a glorious holiday season and a happy new year for all. Any of us could be a single step away from finding ourselves in the same plight, at which time we hope the kindness of others will sustain us in the very same way.

So, this holiday season, choose to give the gift of a helping hand. No gesture is too small!

I wish you all the blessings of the season and a happy, healthy, renewed year.