Boutique Buys: Alexandra Reboul

There is a reason Alexandra Reboul has been making heads turn well before her 2015 namesake collection was launched.

As the former Senior Buyer of Textiles for Oscar de la Renta, her invocation to high fashion lead to an inevitable desire to launch what has now become the whisper on the streets. Her ready-to-wear collections are a collaboration of fashion and art, featuring inspiration from a new artist each season.

With textiles sourced from France and Italy and pieces made exclusively in New York City, Alexandra Reboul has created palettes that draw in every woman. Ocean House had the opportunity to ask Alexandra about the inspirations and emotions behind the building of her brand. /

Tell us about your staples – the textures, cuts, artist collaborations – how do these represent your line?

I think of myself as a curator. Each season, I collaborate with one artist, and use that as a starting point for my collection. I build upon their ideas alongside my own designs and prints, and compliment these with rich European textiles. These staples, while renewed each season, are really the building blocks to my collections. As a woman designer designing for women, my objective each season is to ensure I am creating pieces that flatter, enhance a women’s features, and make her feel beautiful.

I love to explore how color and prints can transform a classic silhouette and shape to a different level.

How do you believe color transforms an image or state of being?

There have been so many interesting discussions about how color relates to peoples’ state of being and I truly believe that it does. Through my love of fashion and art I love to explore how color and prints can transform a classic silhouette and shape to a different level. In fact, not only do I love creating prints for my collections, but I can absolutely feel the difference in my mood and personality when I put on one of my prints–I feel more upbeat, vibrant and outgoing.

What has impressed you the most since launching your line?

My artists and my clients. I’m always in such awe, meeting new artists and learning how they interpret their surroundings in different ways. I love to learn about their process and it’s a constant inspiration for me. I have been thrilled to meet clients and see how they interpret the clothes from adding their accessories to the occasion they wear it to. Hearing a client reach out to tell me how beautiful they felt in one of my designs has really inspired me to keep designing.

Alexandra Reboul’s 2016 Spring Collection is now available at the Ocean House Lobby Boutique. Discover the full spring line here.