Keeping up in the Kitchen: Meet Chef Alex

Have you met Alex Benson?

If not, here’s your introduction to Ocean House’s new Bistro chef, Alex. Alex is a seasoned chef, with Ocean House being the fourth Relais & Châteaux property he’s cooked for. His interest in cooking started at a young age, being raised on a dairy farm in the Finger Lakes of New York. He developed a keen interest in the agricultural side of food production, a philosophy he carries into his cooking today

Chef Alex is a minimalist, preferring a well-planned dish with fewer ingredients to create a meal more familiar to the diner. He likes his plates to be simple and clean, and deeply connected to the farm. He has brought this way of thinking with him into The Bistro, where he pushes for more seasonal food that reflects a true farm-to-table philosophy, ensuring that guests can savor each bite and enjoy the freshest local flavor from New England’s farms.

Hungry for more? Discover more of Chef Alex’s cuisine on the Bistro menu here.