Notes from the Naturalist: Full Moon Festivity

Under the full moon in late May, horseshoe crabs enter our shallow protected estuaries by the thousands to take part in a spawning ritual that stretches back 450-million years to the late Ordovician period. Needless to say, that’s a very, very long time ago! For comparison sake, consider that fossilized bones of Stegosaurus are 150 million years old, and that T-Rex, perhaps the most iconic of all dinosaurs, walked the earth a mere 67 million years ago!

By the light of the moon and our headlamps, we will watch these living dinosaurs glide across the sandy shallows and through their ancient mating ritual. It’s as close as any of us will ever get to experiencing the age of dinosaurs first hand. In years past we have also spotted fish, eels, and foot-long squid. For those who prefer to remain firmly grounded in the 21st century comforts of the Inn, we will have a live crab in a tank and a slide presentation in the Sea Room.

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