Read About It: Bose Partnership

Sound Brought to you by Bose. Enjoy top-of-the-line sound technology provided by Bose in the East Beach Suite, Ocean House Cabanas, Dune Cottage, and the Secret Garden.

Ocean House’s new partnership with Bose makes it easier to enjoy music throughout the hotel. Completely outfitted with Bose technology, the newly remodeled East Beach Suite is one of the most coveted suites available at Ocean House. The suite features an impressive lineup of premium quality sound equipment, controlled by a custom-built touch screen control panel, for a superior listening experience throughout.

The Bose experience continues on the beach, where guests can find the luxury sound technology in each cabana. Water resistant and durable, SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth® Speakers offer true 360° sound for a deep, loud and immersive listening experience lasting up to 12 hours. Guests can rent these comforts by the sea, and then move along to our beach dining outlet, Dune Cottage. Dune Cottage is the perfect dining experience for our guests that want an incredible lunch without ever having to leave the beach. Bose has also supplied their technology here for guests to relish while they eat.

Lastly, Bose has outfitted our newest al fresco dining outlet, the Secret Garden, with their technology, as well. While guests sip on Veuve Clicquot, they are being serenaded by the music supplied by Bose technology. It is difficult to go far without being entertained by the technology Bose supplied for Ocean House, but why would you want to?