Notes From the Naturalist: Birds of the Night

The Black-crowned Night Heron, pictured here, is not exactly a rare bird; but, as the name implies, they are typically nocturnal and not commonly spotted during the day.

We have been lucky, recently, with regular sightings of not just the Black-crowned Night Heron, but also the larger and less common yellow-crowned Night Heron. The best viewing has been from our safari motorboat, Innsights, while circumnavigating Bill’s Island, a wooded and rocky island down the lagoon that was once owned by a developer, but is now preserve land and heavily utilized by shore birds. This year there seems to be a nesting population of night herons. Very exciting!

If you come along on one of our motorboat safaris, you might just spot one of these red-eyed denizens of our dusky shores.