Notes from the Naturalist: Squid

Believe it or not, a large bluefish spit up these little squid as it was being unhooked.

Bluefish, bass, flounder and a variety of other fish love to dine on these diminutive mollusks, which in this case were about  four inches long. But it’s not just fish that like squid. Fried squid is the official appetizer of Rhode Island, and more tons of squid are landed by Rhode Island fishing boats than any other species. Some of it will be consumed locally, some frozen and exported, and some of it will be sold for bait.

These little guys can grow to a foot or longer and will often visit our shores during the night. I have encountered small clusters of squid while wading in the salt pond with a bright headlamp. They are absolutely fascinating to watch, as they change color and patterns in front of your eyes. Squid are curious creatures, and if you stand still they will be drawn in by the light and come within a few feet. I would be happy to help you spot some or answer any question you may have during a visit to the Inn this summer.