Notes From the Naturalist: Wild Blooms

Throughout the summer, the Weekapaug beach and boardwalk are flush with beautiful blooming flowers. Beginning in July, the varieties include Rosa Rugosa (wild beach rose) and Honeysuckle – both pictured here. Rosa Rugosa is not native to North America; in fact, some consider it invasive. It was imported from Japan in the mid-1800s for its attractive appearance and for use in hybridizing other roses. It was likely even further distributed because it produces fruit that is very high in vitamin C. Today it is widespread and thrives along the coast due to its tolerance of salt spray. Blooms on the wild rose can be white, blush or bright pink, and are produced through the fall. Look for them on your next beach walk.

Honeysuckle plants can be native or introduced, and this time of year they perfume the air with their sweet smell. The flowers are rich in nectar and appeal to insects and birds as well as humans.