The Relaxation Room: Spring into Bliss

As the flora and fauna all around us come to life, we welcome our guests to the OH! Spa for renewal and rejuvenation. Whatever the season, an experience at the OH! Spa begins with three basic elements; care, comfort and calm.

Care: each member of our “dream team,” from receptionist to therapist, manager and every in-between, is part of our family. Each team member is a master of their craft and takes care of our guests with skill and heart.

Comfort: the comfort of our guests is absolutely vital to the OH! Spa experience, and a key component of true relaxation. We start with textures; comfortable robes, plush furnishings, warm beds, inviting chaise lounges and soft cashmere blankets provide tangible comfort. Therapeutic massages, body treatments, facials and nail services use locally sourced products, organic blends and nourishing natural ingredients to create a soothing experience, easing our guests into a mental state of ultimate comfort.

A sensory experience unlike any other.


alm: our seasonally inspired spa menu uses the highest quality essential oil blends, natural botanicals and powerful ingredients from the sea to inspire a state of calm. The power of aromatherapy supplements the skilled hands of our therapists, creating a sensory experience unlike any other.

Ready for relaxation? Here are a few of our favorite spa indulgences of the moment:

1. Lavender Dreams: Our Lavender Dreams body treatment was developed to bring you to a place of pure serenity. Beginning with a gentle dry body exfoliation, a warm lavender body butter is then gently applied to the body and wrapped into a warm cocoon while a gentle scalp or foot massage is performed. A relaxing massage with lavender infused oils follows for an experience relaxing your body and mind.

2. Beach Stone Massage: Enjoy a full body massage using a combination of hands and warm stones to melt away sore tense muscles. Beach stones tumbled by the surf combined with basalt warming stones make this a truly memorable massage.

3. Harvest Green Garden Facial: An organic facial with green seasonal ingredients rich in vitamins and minerals to naturally feed your skin. Replenishes and restores your skin resulting in a balanced and hydrated appearance. Ingredients including Stonecrop, kale, mint and spinach are used in this aromatic treatment with freshness at its core.

Discover the full spring treatment menu here.