Vines & Wines: Comfort Wine

What is the one core principle that defines fine-dining?

Is it perfect, seamless service?
Is it high-quality ingredients and products?
Perhaps naturally hospitable staff?
Maybe the definition lies in a setting that is inviting and offers good views.

All of these points (and more) are surely cornerstones when it comes to fine-dining. But at the root – at the very basic level – is comfort.

To some degree, all of our dining guests come to us for comfort; to relax in a place away from home; to be waited on; to forget life’s stresses and allow our staff to do the thinking for them.

We set the mood for comfort in our restaurants. The colors, table spacing, style of chair, views from certain seats and background music are just some of the details that go into creating a thoughtful design and a memorable experience.

My job is to hear your desires and produce a selection you’ll enjoy and remember

Then, there is the way in which we approach each guest. We make it our mission to make every guest feel welcomed, and offer warm and genuine interactions, allowing you to develop trust in our levels of service. Hesitation or a lack of menu knowledge may lead to doubt, therefore we strive to be extremely well informed and always deliver answers clearly and precisely. Simply, we want to do the thinking for you.



s Sommelier, my focus is on wine service. I aim to find the best wines in a broad selection so as to be able to offer options and find the perfect wine for that any particular moment. Whether you’re seeking the comfort of a wine you know and love, or a more exciting experience with an eclectic offering from a place you’ve never heard of, my job is to hear your desires and produce a selection you’ll enjoy and remember.

While the ambiance of Ocean House is an experience in and of itself, the gastronomic journeys offered in Seasons and beyond often can transport us to other places in our minds, whether to a precious memory re-lived or the imagination of a destination we have yet to discover. And whichever wine is chosen to accompany your journey, the most important point is comfort. We find the right beverage for the right moment and we find it our pleasure to assist you.