Vines & Wines: Summer of Somm

Do you ever wonder what a professional sommelier drinks in the comfort of his or her own home? We asked Weekapaug Inn master mixologist and Sommelier Justin Bothur which wine he can’t get enough of this summer.

A great summer wine I have been drinking of late is Carbonic Cabernet Franc from Southold Farm + Cellars in the North Fork of Long Island.

It is technically a red wine but masquerades as a rosé. Its fruit-forward character coupled with its light body and bright acidity is best enjoyed slightly chilled (I recommend 45 degrees Fahrenheit.)

Wine makes every meal an occasion.

Carbonic” refers to Carbonic Maceration, a winemaking technique often associated with the French wine region of Beaujolais. The grapes are not pressed in this method; rather, many small “fermentations” occur within each grape when carbon dioxide is introduced into the tank. The grapes at the bottom of the tank are naturally crushed due to gravity, imparting mild character. The end result is a fresh, light-bodied wine with little to no tannin – great for hot summer days!

Southold Farm + Cellars has recently closed its doors with plans to resurface in Texas over the next few years. Be on the look out for some fresh, Southwestern wine in the future!