What’s Cooking: Northeast Family Farms Veal Tartare

Feast your eyes on Northeast Family Farms Veal Tartare. Chef Jacob of Ocean House’s Seasons restaurant shares the recipe for this month’s What’s Cooking feature.

Northeast Family Farms Veal Tartare

  1. Dashi

    Kombu sheets 4ea
    Honey 3oz
    Mirin 2oz
    Dark soy sauce 4oz
    Ginger 2oz
    Bonito flakes 2oz

Rinse the kombu sheets under cold water until they become pliable and feel soft. Collect all ingredients and put into a tall stockpot. Add 3L cold filtered water and slowly bring up to a simmer. Cook for 45 minutes and steep with a lid on until the liquid comes down to room temperature (approximately 75F). Strain the liquid through a cheesecloth or coffee filter for a
clear/clean broth. Chill.

2. Tartare

Veal 9oz
Dashi 1oz
Brunoise chive, shallots, radish 0.5oz
Olive oil 1tsp
Salt, black pepper, espelette pepper to taste
Toasted nori strips cut into pieces 6ea

Clean the veal of any sinew and excess fat. Chill for at least 1 hour in the freezer until firm but not frozen. Slice and then dice into pieces that are an even 0.5cm cube. Add the dashi broth and marinate for at least 2 hours to fully infuse and season the meat. Combine in a mixing bowl with all other ingredients, adjusting quantities as desired for your personal taste.


3. Veal Liver Mousse

Veal livers 1lb
Milk to cover
White port 1oz
Armagnac 1oz
Sugar 0.25oz
Kosher salt 0.25oz
Pink curing salt 0.1oz
Grape seed oil 2tbsp
Shallot 5oz
Chicken stock 5oz
Echire butter 12oz
Bloomed gelatin sheets 1.5 sheets
Whipped cream 7oz

Begin this process 2 days before you plan on serving it to your guests. Peel the exterior membrane off of the livers & dice into 1 inch pieces Soak in the milk overnight, changing the liquid at least 2 times to remove any impurities. Drain the milk and towel dry the livers thoroughly. Heat the port and Armagnac together and burn off the alcohol. Cool and pour over the livers in a bowl or large container. Add the sugar and salts and allow to sit and cure overnight. Heat the grape seed oil in a large sauté pan. When the oil is hot, add the livers and color until they turn golden brown. Lower the heat and add the shallots, cooking until they are tender and translucent. Add the chicken stock and cook until reduced by half. Pour the entire contents of the pan into a blender and process until smooth. Add gelatin and continue to mix until incorporated. Transfer the mixture to a bowl and beat in the butter until fully incorporated. Add the whipped cream and chill until set.

4. Pickled Oyster Mushrooms

Mushroom caps 7oz
Honey 3.5oz
Red Verjus 3.5oz
Banyuls vineagar 2oz
Espelette pepper 1tsp
Water 2oz

Caramelize the honey in a small sauce pan. Add the remaining ingredients while hot. Pour over the mushrooms and let them cool together. Store in the liquid at least 4 hours before serving.

5. Mustard Seed

Yellow mustard seeds 1lb
Honey 12oz
Water 5oz
Champagne vinegar 14oz
Fresh Champagne 7oz

Combine all ingredients and store with a lid for two weeks, allowing the seeds to soften.

To serve: Using a 2.75″ ring mold, pack the tartare onto the plate to make an even ring. Garnish the top with the extra shallot, chive & some shaved radish & the nori strips. Place three 1oz piles of the veal liver mousse onto the plate (we use small rounds of toast). Artistically arrange the mustard seeds & the mushrooms around the tartare and decorate the with the greens. The dish should be served at room temperature.

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