Boutique Buys: Silky Summer

The end of summer boasts the best of the season.

Warm days and evenings, sunset glows that fill the sky and lots of social activities capturing memories to fill the year. With each perfect day, we are also able to wear  our favorite summer pieces.

What says summer better than silky, fluid sundresses in amazing color patterns and prints. Who better to wear in this case, than Yumi Kim.

With vintage silhouettes combined with modern prints, Yumi Kim is known for easy to wear dresses and rompers. Designer Kim Phan is inspired by uplifting prints and showcases her love for the whimsical and feminine through her playful cuts.

We love her Maxi Dresses for their versatility to transition between day and night. Featured is the Rush Hour Silk Maxi in poppy ($288). The cross-back spaghetti straps are adjustable allowing versatility in the lining of the v-neck.

…a stylish ensemble that you’ll be wearing all summer long.

This style, as all of Yumi Kim’s styles are beloved from the moment tried on. It is understandable that her success has branched out to become a household name. If you have not yet included Yumi Kim in your wardrobe, now is the time while summer is at it’s best!

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